Monday, 13 February 2012

Remembering Jacob

Eight years ago this very date was a Friday and it was to be a very sad & emotional "Friday the Thirteenth"
Despite his condition, of Congenital Muscular Dystrophy, Jacob was a wonderfully happy child who had just been to Disneyland Paris to see all his favourite Disney characters and fought through an illness that kept him in Alder Hey Children's Hospital over the previous Christmas & New Year.

Sadly, Friday 13th February 2004, Jacob passed away at home and left his parents and family devastated and lost without the little boy that brought so much light into their lives, and despite all the pain and emotion in the days that followed an amount of comfort was found for all the family and friends sharing their memories of Jacob, through all the photos and videos they had of him.

From this came the inspiration for a new unique charity called JUMP - Jacob's Unique Memory Pot, who's mission was to help capture memories through images or video of children that have life threatening health conditions, like Jacob, because we all remember what comfort and joy all the images and videos of Jacob brought to us. In the seven years that followed, JUMP grew delivering more and more "Memory Packages" to children each year. The volunteers of JUMP last year produced and delivered almost 50 "Memory Packages" to children making them feel really "special" and "important" with the attention they got during a photo shoot or filming them. This year we know we will deliver even more.

Even in the light of how much JUMP has moved on in the past seven and keeping in mind the ambitions of the charity for the future, we never forget where we came from and always remember Jacob, not just with fondness and love for a beautiful and wonderful little boy but also for the inspiration and life changing impact he had on many peoples lives and JUMP.
Jacob, we wouldn't be who we are today if it weren't for you, you will always live on in our hearts and memory and JUMP will always be inspired by you. R.I.P Jacob.


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